Newsletter #164 - Meme Fever

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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week’s newsletter is pretty damn spicy. Exceptional memes, rugs and cameo appearances. It’s a trip. Strap in, it’s going to get wild.

First up, don’t take money from your family for degeneracy unless you know they’re good for 10x the original amount at a later date. Start small.

And ape-ing into dog tokens is not a legitimate investment strategy.

Don’t let us put you off though. If you want to punch way above your weight then there is only one solution. More degen.

Speaking of Charles, if this next bit was true we imagine this naming rights acquisition would take several years to complete. Nothing new there then!

To rugs. Scammers found a new way to part n00bs of their money, just name the project after one of the most popular TV shows in the world. The founders were evidently stressed about all of the attention.

So why not pull the rug? RIP.

Speaking of rugs another OHM fork did the dirty on investors, leaving them $60 million worse off.

As you would expect, Twitter was on the case.

To NFTs next. McDonalds are ready to “present to u” the most important NFT ever made. Welp.

Arguably more important are the Punks. One sold last week for a record breaking sum.

Not all was as it seemed though. Using flash loans the buyer and seller (the same person) borrowed the money, bought the punk and paid back the loan. Twitter broke it down.

Supposedly there was some NFT conference happening in NYC. Bored Ape holders stood in lines to celebrate.

To some real NFTs. Have we told you about Tungsten cubes?

We wonder what Luke Dashjr would think of the cubes. We won’t know for a while as he’s stuck in Twitter jail… Free him!

Next we have the meme of the week. We urge you not to cut this one short. It’s a work of art.

Those island boys are everywhere. Here’s the latest squad you wish you had.

Hard Rock Nick is included, obviously. The man with who has more money than you has been busy on Cameo. “I cant say that on the internet”.

Here he is again in another classic to round this one off.

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