Newsletter #163 - Some will make it, some will not

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Hey Shitcoiners,

It’s been a strange old week in cryptotown. The market is going up and down, shaking out the weak and over leveraged. This in turn has led to infinite memes. From “buy the dip” to “prepare for the bear”, we have had it all. Is this the top?

Another top signal for some, dog tokens are pumping. Earlier today Shiba Inu overtook Doge.

One person did very, very well out if it.

Anyway, we won’t focus on dog tokens too much for this one. We have real news to cover. But before we move, we have heard OHM forks are doing alright too…

It’s time for this weeks latest DeFi hack. CREAM was exploited again. This time for $130m.

Speaking of hacks, supposedly creditors are getting over $9 billion in recovered BTC from Mt. Gox… that took a while didn’t it?

There has been a bunch of bullish Bitcoin news lately. This week was no different. The third ETF has landed.

And if you didn’t know, the big boys from the traditional finance are in.

Robinhood users are finally looking like they’ll get control of their keys. Locked in to the platform until now we only hope they don’t market sell for SHIB. RIP.

Trading is not for the faint hearted. We are weak and emotional. Some would say following a bot is a good way to remove yourself from the equation. But what when the bot shorts the local bottom?

We all need to get our kicks from somewhere. For Bitcoiners, it’s touching that sweet, sweet tungsten.

Speaking of other funny things super rich people do, Worldcoin, backed by numerous super rich people has been getting more attention this week. Don’t let them see your eyes!

Instead, create fake eyes and scoop up the whole supply.

Snowden says we need to stop playing 3D chess and go 4D. Only a few more multiples and Sam can buy Visa or Mastercard.

We are set for some weird shit on this timeline. Here’s Balaji with his latest hot take.

This is also your future.

Enough future talk, here’s a reminder about the current landscape.

We take a break from our regular programming to issue this important announcement. Sam is your leader. Be sure to pay your respects by going 100x on FTX.

That work of art should be an NFT, Sam would probably buy it. Like the perfect combination of this next meme, the FTX CEO definitely stays in the office until 11pm and he owns infinite JPEGs.

We are fans of great art. Here are two new pieces that sum up the struggles of this market.

And here is what you are up against if you are playing Axie Infinity. You cannot compete.

You are GMI. Zach, the XRP guy, may not though if he thinks XRP is going to $28. Alas, no ill will here. Especially after the quality of responses to his tweet.

Winner of the weirdest response goes to Richard. He’s evidently the sort of guy that screws your wife and tells you to “be cool about it bro”.

Speaking of relationships, one shitposter wants his 2 BTC back.

We end this one with Bitlord trolling IRL. A sight to behold.

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