Newsletter #162 - All Time High

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Hey Shitcoiners,

It happened again. Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high of over $67,000. Check out these next celebratory posts. What the hell is this timeline?

Size Chad is a man of the people. Here he is with a rendition of a classic to celebrate.

He probably has some great advice on getting girlfriends but if don’t want to ask him here’s “easy mode”.

Some men can’t be helped though. They will forever be simps.

Also a quick note, Brianna is OKAY.

Back to Bitcoin. Someone fat fingered on Binance US and caused a flash crash. Did you get any $8.2k Bitcoin?

There was considerable talk about Bitcoin ETFs in this run up to all-time high. BITO launched. Did this contribute to the pump?

Barry with the spice.

SEC with the salty bulletin.

Speaking of great investments, one NFT collector @Richerd has been the focus of much discussion. He decided against selling his Punk for $9.5m USD. He did give plenty of reasoning over multiple days. Some would say he milked this.

This next guy or girl also has diamond hands too.

Speaking of rare, do you have a tungsten cube yet? You can get a 14 incher by bidding on OpenSea.

Here’s the logic of how everyone gets to this point.

Sam has a big brain. It was a guarantee that he would already have a cube.

These cubes are taking over the world.

And your relationships.

In other news, the SF tech bros want in. The President of Y Combinator is launching what he calls “a fairly distributed cryptocurrency”. Will you hand over your biometric data for the coins?

This all sounds very serious right? Here’s the CTO of Bitfinex Paolo with a meme to lighten the mood.

Oh, and another -ooor meme for you.

We didn’t see this next one coming. Cannot un-see.

Remember how Indexed Finance got exploited? Here are the terms of the proposed return of funds.

In an amazing twist, here is one of their employees casually browsing porn as they dox a kid.

This exploiter seems to be getting away with it. Alex Saunders is not going to be so lucky.

We round this one off with a super rare new mint.

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