Newsletter #161 - CT goes to Dubai

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Yo Shitcoiners,

As sentiment flip flops between “full blown bear market” and “one more pump” your favourites from crypto Twitter are heading to Dubai. Fight card of the century? That it is not. Set to produce some of the best crypto content of the year? Guaranteed.

While traditional boxing events come with pre-fight analysis, commentary and over dramatised documentaries we instead get stellar Twitter content. Here is SizeChad.

This man really is built different.

Maren was on a yacht with the boys and someone gave Gainzy the aux. Send help.

She provided commentary on the whole debacle before swiftly offering an apology. We always expect to see Gainzy’s huge frame whenever we get a glimpse of him (you have seen those DoorDash orders) but this man looks pretty lean.

We aren’t sure if Cobie is gracing Dubai with his presence but here he is calling out the subprime mortgage shorter, Michael J Burry, who doesn’t know how to use Google.

Jamie Dimon is another non-believer. When asked about offering Bitcoin to traditional investors he said “people disagree and that’s what makes markets”. JPMorgan are no MicroStrategy.

Now to some others who are NGMI. Here is one TikTok investor who can’t do division.

And here is one whale who has never heard of OTC.

Are you a degenerate gambler? Welcome to the club! There’s nothing better than the rush of going 100x on a token you recently heard about on Twitter.

If trading doesn’t work out for you, you can try your hand at being the arbitragoooor.

And if that doesn’t work out either, be a big brain and steal Bitcoins from a Bitcoin ATM.

It’s likely that those folks from the last segment do not have the know how to run a searcher contract. One unfortunate individual/entity who kind of does lost $1m.

If you lost that money would you negotiate like a pirate to get it back?

Crypto is really good if you’re having a bad day. There is always someone out there doing worse.

The rugs are spilling over into NFTs. The creators of this Solana NFT project were even blasé enough to gloat about it.

HEX is the gift that keeps on giving. Eric was the focal point of a future smash hit from the HEX community.

And Bitlord… well he won’t be getting that deposit back.

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