Newsletter #160 - How Are You Spending Your 20s And 30s?

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Gm Shitcoiners,

Do you ever take a step back and think about your day-to-day life? Does it look drastically different to the life your parents lived at your age?

Some in the space aren’t spending their 30s looking at floors. Here is Dan Held.

Sam Bankman-Fried is still in his 20s yet he’s absolutely killing it. Here he is on the cover of Forbes. Read all about it in their article on how he’s the richest 29 year old in the world. We have to say, we are a little disappointed he’s updated his wardrobe. This sweater is no match for the grey FTX t-shirt.

FTX is going from strength to strength. To support crypto degens spending their hard earned futures gains, they have partnered with E11EVEN in Miami.

Gainzy perfectly fits into E11EVEN’s target demographic. This next extortion attempt is pretty weak. You just have to hit up the club in Miami to find him anyway.

We haven’t talked about BSV in a while. Here’s a video from the latest CoinGeek conference in New York.

We have been scratching our heads at HQ. Why didn’t more people turn up to see the real Satoshi in person? Ryan is promoting this tweet to spread the word!

Whoever Satoshi is/was, it’s pretty mind blowing to think that now nation states are mining Bitcoin using Volcanoes.

While El Salvador embraces Bitcoin, Snowden here with a reminder that many governments are set on undermining it. Fortunately that means very little. WAGMI.

Despite how well Bitcoin has done so far Pelosi is still outperforming all of us.

Her shady deals mean that she will likely continue to do so even if this next chart is a sight to behold!

Wondering how you can turn do a 10x on your next trade? Hands-free trading is where it’s at.

You could also start playing Axie. The popular blockchain game has been pumping to infinity (sorry, we had to). They also just announced a raise, $152m to be precise.

The Compound drama has died down but let’s take a moment to appreciate that what you write on the internet stays on the internet. Robert Leshner with one here for the scrapbook.

Only a few days ago now users were still draining COMP… not a good look.

To mining, Bitcoin Magazine stole Kevin’s photo! Remember to catch the episode of the Show we did with him last week. It was mining 101.

Have you been following BitFlikz? We have been catching up on the first two episodes of Bitlord’s new reality show. Here are the episodes if you missed them!

We round off this edition with some important lessons. First, remember that this is PvP.

And we are all exit liquidity.

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