Newsletter #158 - Bitcoin, Bitlord & "-oooooer" Memes

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Hi Shitcoiners,

While your boomer parents lose their shit over a 1% daily stock portfolio drop, we are comfortable with 10-20% swings. Are we morons? Or are we GMI?

While you debate how moronic you really are, let’s turn our attention to Twitter. The home of CT has enabled tipping via Strike!

Although many would consider this a step in the right direction, Director of Autistic Communications Bryan Micon thinks we are going backwards.

Nocoiners are always talking about how bad Bitcoin is for the world. We are sad to report that Bitcoin missed its target of using more power than the world in 2020.

Speaking of comparisons, we always love a grand piano metric. It’s the most obvious option.

Forget waste. It’s important to think about what’s going to drive this market forward. That would be testosterone.

Testosterone will lead to this guy buying more boats. We are ready for Parabolic 2.

One man also aiming for yacht life is Bitlord. Here is one of his top tips for the week.

He’s already got enough for a small boat. You only need one pump.

And here he is doing a physical airdrop. We love you Bitlord.

To some memes. Are you an early adoptoor?

For other “-ooooor” memes, see below.

You may have heard about Evergrande’s troubles over the last week. It appears that the real estate crash is spilling over into the virtual world too. RIP.

Justin is going on the attack. Already a big buyer of virtual goods, he is now turning his attention to real-world assets too. The hero we never knew we needed.

To another pair of heroes, what an amazing pair of moustaches.

The guys above definitely get laid. The rest of you moustache-less nerds of Crypto Twitter are likely not so lucky in love. Are you lonely anon?

You are probably at the center of this diagram.

There are other reasons you are not getting laid. Like this next guy. We know of only one person who can pull off astrology and trading (and it’s not him).

It’s Maren. Here she is in a first class flight bathroom.

What a cozy timeline.

Back to the trading. Remember, if you don’t sell, you didn’t really lose anything.

Or did you?

If trading gets a little too much for you why don’t you hop into one of Jay’s sweet Sedonas and drive out of the lot?

Do you have 200 Sedonas like the max mintooooor?

Remember guys, if your NFTs aren’t selling you can just pump your own. This isn’t rocket science.

Speaking of scamming, here’s what happens when an anon dev runs out of stimulants. It’s never good. Introducing Felixx, a modern day Rugging Hood.

On the topic of shenanigans the co-founder of AlphaBay is back and supposedly took an interview with Wired. This is a really gripping read.

We are pleased to see that Riccardo has been let out of jail. We hope that he gets this all worked out soon.

Still on the topic of the law, the SEC have realised that serving people during conference appearances is an option. Will this drive conference attendances up or down?

In a move that could have been forseen but that will anger many Bitcoiners, Coinbase are making more inroads with the feds.

We round this one off with Daddy Buterin feeling cute.

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