Newsletter #157 - Litecoin, Solana and Sedonas

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Hey Shitcoiners,

Big news this week from Litecoin. The early Bitcoin spinoff was at the center of much controversy as a press release from Walmart reported a partnership.

It turns out that Litecoin had not swung the partnership, in fact the press release was fake. The news caused a shitshow on the Litecoin chart as it spiked to $240 before heading right back to where it started.

It was a rough week all round. Solana couldn’t handle the load.

Here’s the community response, memes included.

While the Solana downtime was undoubtably a source of enjoyment for Ethereum bagholders, Ethereum L2 had an issue of its own. Arbitrum was temporarily rekt as someone tried a reorg attack.

Enough of the downtime chat. Let’s talk about up only. Oh wait, The Wall Street Journal thinks bitcoin in El Salvador is a scam.

Who cares what they think. You can buy McDonalds with Bitcoin now!

Nayib has become a hero in Bitcoin circles. The Economist though have some worries about what he’s doing with the support of his country.

Meanwhile in Budapest the world’s first Satoshi statue was seen out in the open.

Here’s another piece of art.

Remember guys and girls, the girlfriends can wait. Get the Bitcoin first.

Now to one of the hottest resurgences of the year. Kia Sedona’s are making a comeback. Jay Pegs Auto Mart are bringing life to the old classic because aren’t Sedona’s the best store of value?

The $DONA token was launched on Sushi. One DONA could then be burned for one DONA NFT.

However, all did not go to plan as DONA hit a snag. One anonymous contractor injected some malicious code and stole over $3m USD in funds. Ouch.

In other malicious activity, it appears the product lead at OpenSea, Nate Chastain, was doing a little insider trading, and buying up soon-to-be-frontpage OpenSea listings. He royally screwed up.

Did he buy any cryptodickbutts?

This guy definitely did.

Meanwhile, some of us still don’t get what all of this NFT shit is all about.

Next up some exchange news. Coinseed was being naughty and the NYAG shut them down.

Binance are creating task forces of their own. This guy looks like he’s seen some dark shit.

Meanwhile Sam is being the good guy and trying to build bridges between the SEC and crypto companies. Is this approach better or worse than Coinbase’s?

Speaking of Coinbase they don’t know that they are a centralized exchange. Awkward.

What’s the best way to stay fit and top up your bank balance while you do it? This setup.

We have had a lot to get through this week. We do our best to throw in some memes but there are some standouts we have to share. Elon Musk, are you watching? Cringe.

This next man has been doing the rounds recently, he’s just so relatable. We are happy that Dr Bob has come out and doxxed himself.

Here he is again.

Speaking of high fashion. Here’s Richard.

We are happy you come for the memes. We have come to learn that it’s the only thing that will get us through this shitshow.

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