Newsletter #156 - Crashes, Legal Battles & Memes

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Hey Shitcoiners,

We all got too comfortable with up only. Were we shortsighted to think that crypto would go to the moon without a few pullbacks? Maybe, but it’s fun being a degenerate. While we are on that topic we want to give these A-grade Bitlord tweets the attention they deserve. Here he is realising he has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

… And here he is lighting his house on fire.

Anyway, this newsletter isn’t about price chat. We deliver the hard facts. Big news this week from El Salvador as they made history.

The President had an important message. Dips are for buying.

Peter Schiff with the rebuttal.

Gladstein is a man of the people. In this next Twitter thread he gave a breakdown of why some Salvadorans are worried about the change but why they should be excited about what’s to come.

Bitcoin is taking over…

It’s also going to take Western Union’s lunch.

Now to the US. Brian Armstrong put out a strongly worded tweet about the “sketchy behaviour” of the SEC. After trying to offer a yield product at Coinbase Brian was told that, despite others in the US having similar products, it wasn’t allowed. They also told him they’d be suing them if they went ahead. This sounds like a tough day at the office.

A few community contributions to spice this up.

Speaking of the SEC, they are getting some heat from the Ripple team, who are trying to throw Ethereum under the bus. The best defence is offence right?

How are you enjoying Solana Summer? As the Sam coin rose to over $200 in the past week the Solana content flooded in. How is this even real life?

We too wish that we would have sold some organs to fund our Solana habit.

We also wish we had taken Sam’s advice and bought all of the $3 Solana. Now fuck off.

FTX are pretty busy these days. They have slowly made their way into NFTs and the test NFT? Well that shitty JPEG just went for $270,000 USD.

Fun fact next from favourite Mike In Space. Raoul is doing a little infiltration.

Now to mining. Warren is spurting more bullshit about “wasteful mining practices”. Boring.

At least we can all sleep easy with the knowledge that mining literal shit is not so farfetched.

Speaking of shit. Dogecoin 2.0 is a thing now and Dogecoin are not happy.

To the JPEGs! Willy Woo doesn’t think this is a bubble until we get NFT derivatives. Do you agree?

None of it matters anywhere because there’s a 1-of-1 out there with your name on it.

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