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Yo Shitcoiners,

Let’s start this one off right, gm.

Some are calling an NFT top, others are saying we are just getting started. Regardless of what NFTs do next this craze has taken over the headspace of many. Bitlord has been going deep, buying everything he can including scissors. This is the Bitlord content we live for.

If you thought that was bad, someone just paid $1.3 million for this.

Light is a man of the people. Like Bitlord, you too will get attached to your JPEGs and not sell before they are worthless. It ain’t profit until you realize it.

Here’s a great breakdown of the methodology behind buying JPEG rocks. Sure, buying them is a flex but there’s more to it… supposedly.

From fat rocks to actual fatties. Pick up an NFT of your favourite crypto personality in their fattest form below.

Sorry, we aren’t quite done with the rocks yet. It’s important that we mention that the Justin Sun top is in. Do you sell yours now or hope that he pumps the price more?

Coinciding with a recent appearance on Up Only, Keyboard Monkey put out this tweet. This is what trading NFTs looks like.

Some members of crypto Twitter did not jump on the train. Gainzy being one of them.

He’s probably busy messaging the USCPSC and lodging his formal complaint.

Visa recently picked up a CryptoPunk of their own, while Michael Saylor bought a bunch more BTC. Who is the winner here?

Saylor has become somewhat of a hero in the space but the following photo shows many OG Bitcoiners over a decade a go. We are glad Erik got rid of the glasses.

We can't see Max in the room, but hear how he and others got started in this series from cryptograffiti.

We hope some of those stories talk about OGs getting their start like this kid.

Speaking of history, here’s a flashback to a video from Barclays that definitely did not age well.

To the present, Grayscale were reportedly set to unlock a huge amount of BTC. Turns out it was only a drop in the FTX order book.

Morgan Stanley are in now too.

As is Busta Rhymes. Sick laser eyes bro.

Now to a little controversy. Peter McCormack has been blocked by Tone Vays, drama!

Here’s a spicy rebuttal from Peter.

Meanwhile Sam appeared on TV. Turns out being a billionaire doesn’t save you from the rain and bad hair days.

In other FTX news they have been busy buying more naming rights. FTX is taking over America.

They are also are helping Liquid Global get out of the hole they have found themselves in.

In other news, after an oopsie from a HitBTC employee, Sentinel Network have seen over 40,000,000 (roughly $900,000 USD) of their tokens stolen.

Here’s the transaction… with the mnemonic.

Peter Schiff is hoping his son gets a little wiser and stops playing with magic internet money. We hate to break it to you Peter but he’s one of us now.

Cobie with the troll.

Remember Peter, Bitcoin fixes things.

To DeFi. Turns out you can now bribe people for DAO votes. Crypto is drawing straight from the politics playbook.

We finish up with an important bit of alpha.

You have just got to hang in there. The red usually goes away.

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