Newsletter #153 - Bitcoin, Crypto and NFTs on the Mind

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Hi Shitcoiners,

Welcome to this week’s edition of the shittiest (we jest) newsletter on the internet. Before we jump in, word on the street is Joe is getting into TA.

Now to the real shit. Bitcoin arch-nemesis Frances Coppola caught some heat from Bitcoiners as she stated that two wallets participating in a transaction had to be “online” for a it to take place. Ouch.

Here’s a gentle reminder to ensure you complete those transactions!

Brian Armstrong, take note of the above. We wouldn’t want your purchases to not go through if the seller isn’t online.

While Coinbase buy more crypto, Binance are being called illegal operators by the Dutch Central Bank.

In other legal drama the operator of Darknet mixer, Helix, has pleaded guilty and is now facing up to twenty years behind bars.

We have a lot of questions about this next bit. What exactly was Britney buying with Bitcoin?

After this next post from Paul Graham we anticipate an influx of SF tech folks in the Ethereum community. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Paris Hilton has been in the game for a while now. An under-the-radar OG of sorts, Paris appeared on The Tonight Show and gave what could be the most eloquent description of NFTs yet. She’s evidently not just a pretty face.

Conversely the rest of you would probably just spurt out some bullshit about penguins.

The Bitcoiners amongst you will also remember the Rare Pepe Collection. It turns out the creator of Pepe, Matt Furie doesn’t want you selling those bad boys.

Let’s be real, Pepe’s are relics. We aren’t quite sure about the market value but this next tweet goes to show that the world we live in is fucking nuts.

Now we divert your attention to some of the crypto Twitter influencers we know and love. Maren with the latest from the moon and stars.

Are her and SizeChad… a thing?

Maren would love this shit. SizeChad, get her a bag.

To Cousin Crypto. He’s had a great year. After rising to fame in 2021 the South African has put in the work and is reaping the rewards.

We seem to always have a section on hacks these days. Japanese exchange Liquid has seen $74 million in assets taken from their custody. Rough.

Our friends at responded in the only way they know how.

Speaking of, their native token SideShift Token (XAI) has been listed on Bittrex Global!

Now to a bit of mining talk. Here is a great read on why the “Chinese crypto cowboys” are setting up shop in Texas.

Meanwhile others are getting in on the action too. Here’s one surgeon who’s mining on the side.

Peter too? I guess we need to check out Compass Mining.

To end this one we have some hard hitting content. Jack with an important read.

And here is a wholesome story for you to finish this one off.

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