Newsletter #151 - Surveillance, Punks and EIP-1559

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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week we have plenty of spice to get you ready for the weekend. We have a lot to get through but before we get started here’s a blast from the past.

Is this where we are heading in the future? We wonder if he’ll tweet the end result on his boss’ desk for the clout.

Twelve years later and as expected, we continue to have governments making serious moves to keep their control. A recent bill mentioned language that would mean “brokers” have to report all actions on users to the IRS. Here’s Jerry with the low down.

Jesse Powell took action in response.

Following the uproar an amendment was submitted…

Will this bill pass and mass surveillance be the norm for US crypto users? Only time will tell. Gladstein pointed out that we need to take the freedom we want, instead of begging for it.

Meanwhile Bank of America are actually for Bitcoin in El Salvador. We imagine they want a piece of that pie.

Over in Kazakhstan mining is on the up. Borat approves.

Now to the world of advertising. Google have now decided that Bitcoin ads are okay. A win!

Riccardo Spagni has not been having so much good fortune. In light of an old case against him in South Africa he has been arrested in the US with his home country seeking extradition.

His wife jumped online and told everyone what was up.

To Ethereum. The world’s second most popular cryptocurrency has successfully completed the London hardfork. The most eagerly awaited aspect of this was the inclusion of EIP-1559. Vitalik is about get bitches we hear.

The rest of us however will continue to spend insane amounts on gas. RIP.

We are way past $2500 ETH now. Here’s a meme to celebrate anyway. Some of you like this kind of thing.

The NFT craze is picking up again. It’s as if whenever we all get bored we start buying overpriced JPEGs.

Leading the run and the insane valuations are Punks.

Logan Paul is sitting on a few too. Is this the right time to sell one of his favourites?

He could sell and pick up this super rare Teen Executive NFT. Seems like a good POA.

This exceptional Teen Executive moment with Greg should also be immortalized in NFT form we think.

In other news from the youth here is Jack Mallers going off on Brian Armstrong.

Oh, and ever heard of Ycoin? We haven’t either. Here is the mainstream media and their crypto reporting in all of it’s glory.

Every week we get to share the latest hacks, scams and ransoms. This week is no different. Popsicle Finance (what a name) was the unlucky project this week.

Evidently the new standard has to be 3 audits.

Over in Italy hackers are extorting the COVID vaccination program and seeking Bitcoin in return.

In Hong Kong “cryptocurrency crime”, whatever that means, is at record highs. Is this just code word for boating accidents?

We hope those HK residents aren’t reporting their ICP losses as a crime like this guy.

We round this one off with some alpha from Romano.

And a call for help from Cobie.

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