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Hey Shitcoiners,

Cartoon characters making front pages, stoned cats causing congestion and bulls back in action. It has been a meme-driven week with plenty to talk about. First up the news that a bunch of crypto Twitter anons made the cover of Fortune Magazine.

Most will have a hard time convincing their loved ones they made it.

In related Fortune news, Frank was caught contemplating sad times gone by.

We only wish that Marti Renti had issued this NFT sooner. She would have surely made the list Frank so painfully missed out on.

Back to Frank. He’s slowly becoming an idol of ours. What a guy.

Now to another idol to many, Vitalik is voicing one of the characters in the NFT-driven animated short series, Stoner Cats.

Mila, Ashton and co sold over $8 million dollars worth of NFTs. Just like other cats before them (think CryptoKitties and MoonCats) they clogged up the network.

Here are a couple of memes to celebrate the launch.

Oh, and next up are the new generation of crypto hopefuls getting ready to eat your lunch.

Jack is a known Bitcoin maxi. The Twitter head honcho trolled Ethereum in the best way he could. He added an Ethiopian flag to #eth.

Following Jack shitting on ETH, his favourite BTC is back in up only mode and spiked to $48,000 on Binance, before settling around the $40k mark.

Here’s Cous with the reaction.

The Tether cafe looks surprisingly empty. Is everyone back in their favourite coins again?

Fuck you bears.

For the astrology doubters amongst you, Maren called this.

CT responded.

Cobie meanwhile called in the old guard.

One thing’s for sure, Maren has a much better hit rate than all of you “technical analyzors” out there.

Meanwhile in El Salvador the media reported protests against Bitcoin. The story was a little sensationalised though. Check out the post below.

Did Warren recruit those twenty people?

Now to Cardano. Here’s a throwback to a poor prediction of epic proportions.

Charles is no hero of ours. Sam on the otherhand…

At HQ we are also a big fan of this guy.

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