Newsletter #149 - We almost made it to Goblin Town

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Hey Shitcoiners,

We have reemerged from the depths of despair, are we heading back up or is this only temporary respite? Time will tell. One thing the last week has taught us is that most of the “community” is not emotionally prepared for a potential bear market. The new batch of crypto users have been spoiled by “up only”. Many have yet to be initiated. Queue the memes to numb the upcoming pain!

This seems like a perfect time to remind you how Coinbase listed at peak dog-token-mania. Anyone who bought with them is absolutely rekt.

While we are piling on the misery, let’s take a moment to remember it’s not a good idea to rush code that controls 9 figures. Thorchain hack number two, complete.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Remember that without pain there are no girlfriends.

Enough lecturing from us. FTX has completed a series B fundraising round of $900 million that values the company at $18 billion.

While some billionaires spend their time on yachts, Sam is most at home on his favourite beanbag… at the office. The hustle is real.

You may have heard that Elon, Jack and Cathie Wood were set to appear at “The B Word” conference. Here is the full video if you have some time on your hands. If not, here are some amazing cliff notes for you from crypto Twitter’s favourite intern.

The most interesting takeaways from the conversation? SpaceX owns Bitcoin and Elon no longer has those fossil fuel worries… Did the heat from the Bitcoin maximalists get a little too hot for him?

While Musk pushes on, here’s a glimpse into what Saylor is up to at the moment.

Following Mike Tyson’s enthusiasm for NFTs, Iron Mike is now going deeper.

We are happy to see these celebrities have stopped shilling endless NFTs, at least that’s one positive to take away from this.

Speaking of ETH. Ashton Kutcher has been hanging out with Vitalik…

Here is a complimentary rebuttal from McCormack.

If you were ever wondering what Vitalik’s Dad looks like, the next post is a reminder of where that offspring came from.

While still on the topic of Ethereum, former protocol developer Virgil is not having a good time.

BlockFi aren’t having it too good either. The NJAG is coming after them.

More proposed regulation is on the way worldwide. The EU wants to track your Bitcoin transfers.

To Craig Wright, who knew he was a sommelier? What can’t he do?

We round this one off with some pop culture and a meme. First up, Bruce Fenton loved the Matrix Trilogy… yes, all of them.

And welcome to future you.

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