Newsletter #148 - Let's cope together

July 16, 2021
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Happy Friday Shitcoiners,

Another spicy week has passed in cryptoland. This week’s newsletter has lots of coping, memes and even Koreans mining actual shit.

We would like to start this one with a public service announcement. However heavy your bags feel, do not feel bad when a Twitter account tells you to feel like an idiot for having emotions.

We imagine Saylor is having an interesting time, he’s so used to up only. We must be getting close to his average buy price now?

It could be worse though, you could be selling your dog.

We love headlines like this next one. Being rugged is pretty much a badge of honour at this point. Have you really “done crypto” if it hasn’t happened to you?

This next guy however really screwed up. Our only explanation for this is that he amassed $700,000 from a dog token fluke.

One man who is also allegedly separated from his crypto is James Howells. He’s still digging, or trying to, in hopes of finding that elusive hard drive. Here’s the latest in one of the UK’s finest publications The Sun.

Here’s another Brit with the latest from over the pond. It’s a sad state of affairs.

We would like to also remind you that whatever happens next, it’s all our fault.

To Thorchain, the decentralized liquidity network has been hacked.

This is all getting a little silly now. Turns out you can pause this one too. We can see Rune bag holders in disbelief after finding out their “decentralized” network has an off switch.

We hope the hacker has his tax affairs in order. It would be a shame for him if he has to give almost half of those gains away.

In other DeFi news, here’s a great read about how various actors are battling to accumulate as much veCRV as they can, to boost their yields in the future. Pretty wild stuff. The 4D chess is in full swing.

Enough DeFi, here’s a scoop for you. Ledger found a key member of the FTX team. We are happy he’s been doxxed. He’s the bane of our existence.

FTX are crowd pleasers. They really do deliver for their users.

To Thailand, Monks are getting in on the NFT craze.

This is actually a little surprising though considering that only a month ago the Thai SEC banned NFTs. Go figure.

Over on BlueWallet they have introduced a new Lightning implementation.

As great as this is, the gold is actually in the comments. Elon Musk and Luke Dashjr in the same thread? What’s not to love.

We haven’t seen much of Luke in the newsletter lately, we are happy to see he’s back on form though.

To BSV, supposedly they were the recipients of a 51% attack. Luckily for them though, they have Satoshi and the law on side.

Faketoshi Jorg however is not having such a great time with the legal system.

Following news last week that the Bogdanoff twins helped invent Bitcoin too, we have some more meme-worthy content for you. Here’s this Summer’s hottest swag.

We always got interesting vibes from the Bogs. Are they secret agents here to infiltrate our community with their memes?

The most fascinating part of the next tweet is that people actually ask Jackson if he wants to return to crypto. This guy made a coin that has a $24bn market cap and yet isn’t filthy rich flying PJs between his multiple tropical islands. He is not going to make you money.

One thing that will make you money though is that shit of yours. The Koreans are taking mining to a whole new level.

We round this one off with something a lot of us need right now. Here’s Risto Pietilä’s Simple Bitcoin Savings Plan. RIP Risto.

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