Newsletter #147 - Is this a bear market?

July 9, 2021
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Hi Shitcoiners,

Your portfolios are bleeding out. You no longer farm experimental DeFi tokens and now only stablecoin pairs. Your girlfriend has left you because you started to live and die by the chart. Are we in a bear market?

Here’s some high quality artwork to really lay this on thick.

Maren however thinks otherwise. In her opinion there is still some juice in this bad boy.

The Bogdanoff twins are also buying!

Sminem is on the case too.

Some have called this recent bearish news a co-ordinated attack. China have been leading the way with draconian measures. Here’s Andreas with the latest tombstone.

Wondering what this is all about? The PBOC is outlawing us.

Regardless, the miners have already begun their long, arduous journey… to the aircraft carriers that will seamlessly deliver their equipment to Texas.

Here’s Kevin with the spice.

It’s also looking a little spicy in other parts of the world too. Over in the United Kingdom Barclays are stopping fiat deposits. Yikes!

If you were sitting there thinking the traditional banking system is pretty straightforward and blocks are stupid, here’s a quick reminder for you.

Currencies are memes.

Here’s a great read from Lopp explaining why being your own bank with Bitcoin is changing the game.

To John McAfee. Following the tragic news of his passing his wife, Janice, has come out with a statement.

John was well known in the world of shitcoins but at least you knew the game was to get in and out as quickly as possible with his shills. Some of today’s batch of “smart contract developers” and “community leaders” are a little more underhand. Here’s one who just casually removed the sell function from a contract. Good game sir.

Remember Cryptopia? On top of the “hack” they also had an employee syphoning off funds.

Here’s another reported scammer. This guy used to work at Google and Facebook started a token and supposedly bagged $5m in the process.

It turns out all may not be as it seems. Queue the internet sleuths.

DexTools are having a problem of their own too. Everyone’s getting rekt!

We would like for you to take a second to remember the OG pump and dump.

We round this edition off with some laughs. The moral of the story is that they will always be laughing at you but at least you will have spent seven figures on a JPEG.

Here’s someone else we’re laughing at. What a small pussy.

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