Newsletter #145 - McAfee, miners and the market $WHACKD

June 25, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

A week of controversy! From miners being shutdown in China to the market tanking. It was all topped by arguably the saddest news of the week though, John McAfee is no longer with us. In an alleged suicide inside a Spanish prison, John was awaiting extradition to the US on tax evasion charges. There are still a lot of questions around exactly what happened. In a tweet from 2019 John showed off a new tattoo. Take from this what you will.

The details still remain unclear. However, we’d like to remind you of the time John said he’d eat his own dick if Bitcoin didn’t reach $1 million.

Despite all the antics, John stood up for what he believed in. He will be missed.

To mining. Over the last week, China ordered the shutdown of mining facilities across the country, sparking a mass exodus.

The important question was, where would all the miners go? The US is being touted as an early destination, with miners getting shipments across the world as quick as they can.

There has been a renewed focus over the last few weeks on where all of this energy is coming from. You didn’t think miners were just sticking to non-renewable energy, did you?

El Salvador is still definitely on the mind, and Jack Mallers is fighting the good fight for the country and Bitcoin as a whole. Here he is putting this FOX analyst in her place.

It appears that the World Bank can’t stop Bitcoin either. Spicy.

As El Salvador gained first mover advantage, now other nations are stepping up to get Bitcoin in front of their citizens.

If you were worried that there were not any buyers left, think again. Saylor is still buying, and he’s buying big.

Andreessen Horowitz are another big name getting in on the action. Are they getting ready to deploy funds for building during a bear market?

Maybe we’ll get Bitclout 2.0 out of this. Woo?

Meanwhile, Sam is continuing to go big on the FTX partnerships. This time, its Major League Baseball.

We can tell we have had an interesting week when the fact that BTC dipped below $30k doesn’t even make the top of this newsletter. For a few days this week, the whole of crypto began filling out their McDonald's application.

Here’s a little bear market art for you.

It’s okay though guys, this is just a blip. We can onboard a bunch of new bagholders at these incredibly low prices!

But you may have to return that Lambo in the meantime.

One guy who got it right was Joseph. At least now, he doesn’t have to cry on his own.

We hope this next guy, known as “Dogecoin Papi” is still a millionaire. Otherwise, this crazy woman chose the wrong guy. Why steal sperm from a rekt Doge hodler?

We are happy to report that Carlos Matos is putting his attention elsewhere. Look at this specimen!

Is Davis onto something here? There may be a very clear reason why we are all so rekt.

It could also be that we are all eating too much blockchain certified pasta.

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