Newsletter #144 - World Leaders & Shills

June 18, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Once again, another spicy week in cryptoland. In the depths of the last bear market we hooked up the hopium and prayed that one day the newsletter would be about Bitcoin taking over the world. It looks like the mind virus is spreading, and we’re on our way!

Before we jump into the action, you should check out the latest episode of the Show that just dropped. Andreas gave an update on his Blockstream satellite progress and discussed Lightning!

To the news. You didn’t expect this to be smooth sailing to hyperbitcoinization, did you? Here is the SEC.

The World Bank have also chimed in and said they cannot assist El Salvador. Are they and Elon in cahoots?

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is taking Central America by storm.

Over at the G7, the clowns were making an appearance. Does Bitcoin turn all of these into classic meme characters? We hope so.

One thing that Bitcoin currently doesn’t fix is this.

“Bitcoiners” began to flock to El Salvador to get in on the action. Some were not too impressed with Brock Pierce leading a delegation. He is a shitcoiner after all…

The Bitcoiners however were into the idea of Peter McCormack sitting down with the President for a chat about maximalism and Metallica. Here’s a photo from the meeting.

Sorry, wrong photo. Here’s the actual shot.

As Majin rightly pointed out, Mr Presidente has great taste in rugs.

In a rebuttal to the daily hate he’s been getting lately, Peter outlined all he has done for the Bitcoin community so far.

It’s pretty rough to see him with £500,000 in debt to his lawyers. We just hope he doesn’t have to sell the Aston Martin. Maybe this explains why he has put the garage extension (for more Aston’s) on hold?

We hate to break it to you Nassim, but if you’re appearing at BitcoinSV conferences, you likely are the one who doesn’t get it.

Meanwhile, Spencer Schiff is sticking it to his Dad. Long and strong, baby!

Peter has been vocal about Bitcoin mining’s energy consumption.  Bitcoiners have been quick to point out that mining is quite literally reducing emissions.

Reminder: we love volcanoes.

In other mining news, it’s great to see that Marathon caved and removed their OFAC Compliant messaging.

Did Saylor and his mining alliance have something to do with this? He’s definitely as bullish as ever.

Dan Held with the heat.

In other news, Maren Altman took some flack this week for a paid promotion for Solana. The clip has since been removed, but here is the tweet.

Crypto Twitter got to her, and she stated she’s leaving.

Alex (and others) were quick to point out that it wasn’t that cringe.

A reminder of what we are now likely to miss. A+ crypto content.

Speaking of shills, Kim Kardashian and other influencers have been pushing a shitcoin to new heights, Ethereum Max.

What is this shitty ERC20 token? Learn all about it.

Who knows if Ethereum Max will rug. One of Mark Cuban’s picks did, though.

To Charles Hoskinson. He recently sat down with Lex Friedman for 5 hours of drivel. Word on the street is that when asked to describe Cardano in one sentence, Charles responded with ten minutes of nonsense.

Whoever threw the toilet paper. You win.

This kid appears to have got further than Charles has.

We leave you with this. We can’t quite work out whether this guy loves selling Bitcoin at the top or works for an OTC desk. He does already have kids though and wants more!

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