Shitcoin Newsletter #140 - Rekt is a State of Mind

May 21, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

If you’re new around here, welcome to your first market pullback! This is always an interesting time for those that have lived through a bear market. It’s the first chance for new market entrants to see their portfolio’s USD value disintegrate. Never fear though, if you didn’t panic sell you are now one of us. Congrats!

This week started with crypto aficionados trying to find the best animal tokens to make life changing gains with.

You should all be reminded that most of these tokens were spun up in a couple of hours…

The moon chats were soon left in tatters as the whole market tanked. Here are some of the reactions.

Some community members are now revoking their semi-retired status as a result. Back to the wagecuck life!

There was talk that Saylor was in fact bailing on us. Turns out he’s not selling!

In fact, he took some time to go in on an FT article that Elon would like. Elon responded.

Word on the street is that Elon’s attack on Bitcoin mining was a catalyst of sorts. Elon, it’s going to be tough to get out of this one with content like this floating around. Queue the memes!

Unfortunately we are sorry to say that Myspace Tom was wrong. The perpetual traveller and photographer should not be listened to.

As with any market dump, conspiracies were rife. Supposedly some participants were out to get Justin Sun’s $1B dollar position.

He did what Justin Sun does best and bought some more.

We imagine the bankers are having a field day with this. Are you going to listen to this guy? Are you crazy?!

We like Eric Weinstein. Even though the price is quite a bit lower than quoted in this tweet. This guy fucks.

Remember guys, it’s better to be an outlier if you want to enjoy the insane gains.

In some unfortunate timing, Pomp has decided to open a pizza brand! Now everyone’s too poor to buy pizza though.

Apart from XAI bag holders…

What is a newsletter without an exploit? The BUNNY price got rekt.

Tone couldn’t help himself.

Speaking of exploits, here’s some rug-ception. Vitalik supposedly pulled it on $SHIB and one of our favourite accounts @WARONRUGS created a token. This didn’t go so well for them though, check out the last screenshot.

Here’s a message from Vitalik mentioning how he’s burning a bunch of $SHIB. Make of that what you will.

Enough of the misery. Let’s end this one on a good note with some examples of crypto doing good in the world. Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, made a substantial donation to Tor.

And to round this one off, @CryptoCobain and others raised over $800,000 for J.O., a kid who recently overcame leukemia. Well played guys.

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