Shitcoin Newsletter #138 - Doge, Streamers & Memes

May 7, 2021
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Happy Friday Shitcoiners,

This week we have DOGE action, streamers getting rich and lots of meme-worthy posts. You want spice and alpha, we deliver.

Crypto has been going mainstream lately, every place we go we overhear normie conversations about investing life savings in random tokens. It’s wild out there. For those of you who are in deep we are happy to report you are starting to sound like this guy.

Bloomberg reported that crypto “investors” are taking a hit on their personal relationships. This article should add in some stats about new relationships since getting into crypto. Many of you autists now have girlfriends who have girlfriends. This is a win.

Markets dumped a little and many feared the bear was imminent. However, bagholders are sitting pretty as many coins hold value. Ethereum is still sticking around $3,500, nice!

The big winner this week was Dogecoin. That shit is on a moon mission to $1 and who are we to stop it? The Koreans are eating it up.

Americans should also have gone all in with their fiat airdrop as the following tweet shows.

Ben Weiss from CoinFlip is telling you to be sensible. Life savings into a memecoin is probably a recipe for disaster after all.

Speaking of memes, Carole Baskin has launched a token! Brb donating to get my hands on some CAT.

In other news CryptoCobain made it rain on one Twitch streamer. She’s $200k better off thanks to his efforts.

This is so wholesome.

Cobie is expecting an invite to the wedding. We hope she comes through.

Meanwhile we always like to keep you updated with Ross Ulbricht. Happy to see he is doing well despite the situation. Remember to head over to and sign the petition.

To Bitcoin news. Marathon managed to mine a “clean” Bitcoin block that they deem fully compliant with US regulations.

In a move that many consider the antithesis of Bitcoin, this is an interesting step towards regulation. Read all about it here on Bitcoin Magazine. Much more in line with Bitcoiners is the development of Taproot. It’s on it’s way!

In CSW world Craig is defying time and collecting more degrees to add to his collection. Weird flex but okay.

Meanwhile instead of collecting degrees Sam and co are building markets. Lumber is live on FTX. Intrigued where they go next…

Now to some rugs. One attacker managed to get his or her hands on $30m of SPARTAN. Whatever that shitcoin is.

Did it happen on 2am ET on Sunday too? Almost.

To business news, Andreessen Horowitz are getting in on the action.

And Rothschild Investment are also dipping their toes in the water.

Now to the NFT Debris where we round up some of the interesting NFT projects from this week. We don’t know if Paul Graham has any bags but he’s definitely interesting in seeing where NFTs can go. He wrote a short blog post about one project that’s exciting him, Noora Health.

A group of college students are selling thousands of former President Donald Trump’s most infamous tweets and donating 100% of the profits to “charities he hates.”

The group Burnt Finance literally burnt the Banksy artwork and sold its NFT on the OpenSea platform for $400,000.

As a result they built the Burnt Finance NFT auction platform away from Etherum instead on the Solana blockchain. They’re planning on using the Solana Wormhole’ which connects ETH and ERC20 tokens to SPL Tokens. Would Banksy approve?

Finally, we leave you with a reminder. It’s highly probable you are not a genius and this could all go to zero. Rekt.

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