Shitcoin Newsletter #137 - Peak Performance

April 29, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome to your weekly dose of crypto updates where we do the content sifting, so you don’t have to. In this week’s newsletter we have big business and governments joining the conversation, memes and a whole lot more.

Before we dive in, be sure to check out this week's episode of the Show. We caught up with Zane Tackett from FTX!

Earlier this week Elon posed an important but loaded question.

He then proceeded to tell the world that while he is a hodler, Tesla have sold 10% of their holdings to boost their coffers. Is this contradictory? Or is it good to take profit when you can?

In a stellar parody, Lagarde of the ECB bought the fucking dip.

We are eagerly awaiting a future parody of Lagarde advising everyone to park their funds in USDt.

Still circulating from last week is the news that capital gains tax in the US is possibly on the up. Yellen is trying to leave crypto hodlers rekt.

However, one Twitter user pointed out that the majority will be gain-less by the time this kicks in. Either that, or they had a really serious boating accident.

As much as we like to think it’s possible to live totally off the grid, the hard truth is that many of us still need a bank account. Unfortunately my local coffee shop laughs at me when I try to pay in Bitcoin. Here is a useful breakdown of some of the more Bitcoin friendly banks around the world.

Or you can be like Alistair. Ride that Bitcoin volatility like a boss.

If Bitcoin is hurting your brain, don’t stress. People with blue tickers by the side of their Twitter username find it tough too.

In other Bitcoin news, this tweet from Peter didn’t age well…

As Ethereum went on a bit of tear towards $3,000, some speculators like one of our favourites Autism Capital mentioned money was flowing from BTC to ETH.

The name of the game right now is evidently to achieve peak performance like Alex and Sam, and then ride this bad boy to the moon. Number go up.

Sam has been expanding his reach further. First he got the naming rights to a basketball stadium, then he partnered with one of the hottest prospects in the NFL. The best bit? He’s paying Lawrence in a basket of coins including BTC, ETH, and SOL. What a chad.

Meanwhile the Cryptowatch team are doing you all a solid by stopping those fat fingers from getting any action. The required text is meme-worthy.

Another crypto fan favourite is Matthew Graham of Sino Global Capital. Here’s some excellent fan fiction that hit his inbox. A riveting read.

Now we move to this week's NFT Debris section. What of interest dropped this week? Soon, one mega-fan will be able to own the moments from the Nirvana’s frontman’s last formal photoshoot, which took place just a few months before his death in the spring of 1994. We anticipate @CryptoCobain is going to be all over this one.

And Binance’s NFT marketplace is set to debut in June. They're coming for you, NFT space.

To round this one off, here’s another project getting “exploited”. Ouch.

And a series of tweets from some pissed “early adopters”, i.e. degenerates.

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