Shitcoin Newsletter #134 - Ella In The Stars

April 9, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

We open this week’s newsletter with some sad news. Andreas’ girlfriend, partner in crime and good friend of, Ella, is unfortunately no longer with us. You may have been lucky enough to cross paths with her at a crypto conference with Andreas or caught her in tropical locations around the world. She celebrated the weird and wonderful. She is one of us.

Ella, you will be missed.

As Forbes release their 2021 billionaire list we got a glimpse into some of the fortunes amassed by those in crypto. The richest on the list is former Show interviewee, Sam Bankman-Fried. After the roaring success of FTX Sam has built his net worth up to a spicy $8.7 billion.

Our favourite part about Sam is that even though he has billions of dollars he still sleeps on an office beanbag chair.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these are only the billionaires that are public. There are likely countless others with bigger fortunes that we don’t know about. The plot thickens.

One guy who is famously private but due to startup investment, has his net worth out in the open is Peter Thiel. He recently called Bitcoin ‘a Chinese Financial Weapon’. Is this Peter telling the US to pick up some heavy bags

We’d like to take a break for our regular programming to remind you of the perils of FOMO’ing into shitcoins.

If you truly believed in that DOGE position and didn’t go all in on PancakeSwap at you’d have been able to afford all sorts of luxuries!

Paris Hilton has been popping up in the crypto-sphere quite a bit as of late. Word on the street is she’s more OG than you.

She’s also an Aquarius.

She also has been known to hang out with Udi…

If this screenshot was Paris pre-Bitcoin then Udi probably sounded like this guy.

This week we bring you a new section to the newsletter! The NFT Debris where we give you some of the funniest (and often weirdest) NFT occurrences of the last week.

#1 - Brian Armstrong, superstar deejay

Brian has been dabbling in electronic music with his DJ friend. We for one are very excited for Brian’s Burning Man set this year.

#2 - Overly Attached Girlfriend

This classic meme has been turned into a NFT. Laina Morris, the overly attached girlfriend has earned herself $411,000. Will we see old school memes coming out of the woodwork and profiting from NFTs?

To round things off this week we’d like you to remember that even COVID can’t stop Alex Wice from levering up. Get well soon, Alex!

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