Shitcoin Newsletter #128 - Did you survive the bear market?

February 26, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Weak hands selling, lots of new community members created and bearish sentiment all over our Twitter timelines. One positive is that volatility leads to some great content. First up on the good news is that we got a starter pack!

Bitcoin flew to new heights not too long ago. But those of you who have been around more than a few months know it’s never that easy. Carnage ensued as we went back down to below $45k.

As Bitcoin dipped, so did everything else. ETH even managed to hit ~$700 on Kraken.

It’s probably the right time to whip this out again.

Romano called it before it happened (if that really was the top). This is a lesson. When the family members start talking to you about Bitcoin. The local top is confirmed.

It’s all gravy though homies. Remember to zoom out every once in a while.

Or be like Alex Wice and buy those motherfucking dips.

Here’s a phone background so you can support the cause.

Also a notable mention here to Cobie and Ledger’s new show, UpOnly. They recently had Su Zhu of Three Arrows Capital on. Now they’re being inclusive of noobs and are giving the people what they want.

While we all sat on our bags watching our net worth disintegrate by the second, just know that some did get out and convert that crypto into mansions. GG Ameen.

A fun tidbit from last week here as Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve spurting some bullshit about Bitcoin. Then her own system went down. Bitcoin never goes down.

With this current market Bill Gates has been getting a lot of questions about Bitcoin. We were hoping he would want to buy the Ponzi, turns it he doesn’t want to. Sign.

Neither does Peter. Although there’s still time for him. 🍆

Here’s a favourite, Tim Swanson with a glimpse into the future.

While some say no to Bitcoin and crypto, Andressen Horowitz are backing L2 Ethereum.

… Meanwhile on BSC.

Now to some digital art. NFTs are taking off. If you picked any up over the last few months get that shit listed for sale, you could be sat on a goldmine.

Was this the first digital art heist?

FTX don’t have NFTs (yet) but we are happy to report that Sam and the gang are doing alright.

You can even bet on whether the Olympics will take place or not.

Now we round this off with an old favourite. Here is some Faketoshi drama for you.

Fluffy is on the case.

That's it for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too.


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