Shitcoin Newsletter #127 - Markets in disbelief

February 19, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Bitcoin is a trillion dollar asset, shitcoins are pumping beyond belief and for some reason lots of people buying BNB. It’s a weird time to be alive and we hope it keeps getting weirder, it makes for great newsletter content!

An interesting thing to note is that most new entrants to crypto might have no idea who Arthur Hayes is. After months of lying low due to heat from the US rumours began to fly that the champ was back. It was then confirmed by his Twitter account. Is Arthur just balling out of control so hard now that he doesn’t give a shit? We hope so.

Speaking of ballers, Elon is preaching about Bitcoin being better than fiat. That’s what we take from this.

One man who preaches that it’s actually far better than fiat is Pomp. The eternal Bitcoin bull can’t help himself.

Nassim however lost a lot of readership from Bitcoiners. We like your books Nassim but this is a cuck move.

For the real informative content here is

Meanwhile Tim quoted Andreas. Are we in a bubble?

What is going on? Why is Lindsay Lohan tweeting about NFTs?

All of this celebrity interest has led to some interesting conversation around the legality of paid shills. Justin Sun has vehemently denied paying celebrities to shill TRON. However, it would appear one of the agencies TRON hired is doing it for them.

Cobie took a moment to tell you the facts. Stop comparing Bitcoin to tulips.

We can only hope that future generations have the $SOCKS case study in their textbooks at school… screw tulips.

Throwback to Cobie redeeming his $SOCKS too early. RIP.

With current prices he could have afforded a new whip!

All the talk of volatility and we are just sat here celebrating every time a major USD milestone is reached.

Others keep changing billboards to celebrate new milestones!

Now to other news. FTX launched a $CBSE market and the valuation is wild.

Now to shitcoins. We had to mention this. At the time of writing BNB is the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the world. Who knew centralized DeFi could be so popular?

Here’s an honourable mention for XVG. They just got rekt.

We hope you are choosing your winners wisely team. If you are, you too can be doing autist arithmetic like this kid.

That's it for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too.


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