Shitcoin Newsletter #126 - The bull has started to run

February 12, 2021
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Happy Friday champs,

We have been glued to our screens trying to dissect the crypto madness this week. From Elon shilling our favourite coins to everyone and their doge clicking the buy button because number only go up. We have a lot to get through. The bull has started to run.

This run has also started another significant event boys (and girls). It’s girlfriend szn.

Here is Alex Wice, the original man of the szn with a Chinese New Year message.

Oh, and a sweet rhyme from Cobie.

As COVID restrictions ease in some parts of the world, boating trips have been back on the rise. With that, the inevitable.

One man in Thailand had a bit of a different type of boating accident…

We would like to take this moment to remind you of one of the greats. We wouldn’t have the exceptional memes and chad-like qualities we do if it wasn’t for Arthur Hayes. If you are new around here and don’t know who he is, here is some important reading.

Wherever Arthur is we bet he is loving this price madness. We can’t help but feel we’re at some sort of top with this kind of promo work.

Norm has been dabbling in DeFi too!

There is so much good news lately and this single tweet did quite a bit to kick things off back in December.

It led to this.

And this.

… and this.

It wasn’t all roses for Elon though as he had a shitty experience with Freewallet. If you are Freewallet, this was a bad time. Ouch.

Now we go from one great to another. Sam is launching a TRUMP2024 market!

Moves like this that have led to Sam amassing a serious illiquid fortune.

What we love about Sam is that he is still sat at his desk with six monitors and a Doge painting, clicking buttons. Peak.

If you were ever wondering if the Dogecoin founder was sitting on billions now too.

This lady’s boyfriend is also not sitting on a fortune. Awkward.

Now to some shitcoinery! The Yearn Finance DAI vault was exploited.

Paolo jumped in and froze some funds to save their asses a little. We imagine this will cause a bit of a stir with decentralization nerds.

Meanwhile cousin crypto is getting his bags filled.

From one future politician to another, this feels like the perfect segue into Bitcoin politics. The Mayor of Miami is getting into Bitcoin in a big way.

Andrew Yang is trying to turn it around for New York if he comes into office too.

Meanwhile the first Bitcoin ETF launched!

And Mastercard are also trying to get in on the action… We don’t know about you but we are starting to feel very smug about “being right”.

To round this bad boy off here is what a lot of meetings with financial advisors will look like in 2021.

That's it for this week. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too.


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