Shitcoin Newsletter #124 - New blood and Craig Wright

January 26, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week we have some top quality crypto content coming your way. From the changing of the influencer guard to Craig Wright back in action. Let's get it.

First up, Alex Wice's "ape szn" catchphrase is being immortalised in street art.

Ivan On Tech is also being immortalised… as a meme.

A special shoutout this week to cousin crypto. The best way to get engagement is to look like a chad, shill bags and dick all over Peter Schiff. This guy gets it.

Cobie is another guy who gets it. Either way we are winners here. We either get a huge price or a spicy new tattoo to talk about.

In other news from the past week, Craig Wright had a letter sent to Cobra telling him to take down the whitepaper from

Everyone began posting the whitepaper to websites in support. Jameson Lopp went one better.

However, the pressure did seem to get to some. Wladamir van der Laan stepped back from his role as BTC Core lead developer saying he would not be a martyr for Bitcoin. Calvin tried his best to spread some FUD.

Speaking of Satoshi here’s a flashback to that time Newsweek thought they’d found him. Oops.

Now to one of the most divisive subjects in all of crypto, Tether. Riccardo has confirmed it’s a scam with his latest request.

In other Tether news one woman was robbed of HK$3.5 million at knifepoint in Hong Kong. A scary story from the South China Morning Post.

Anyway, let’s divert your attention to Kraken dropping Bernie into Bitcoin charts.

Speaking of politics, here’s Biden signing something really useful.

We sure hope he doesn’t go against Saylor et al. and start taxing US citizens on unrealised capital gains. That would really suck.

Be more like Michael.

Or be like CZ and get yourself some premium porno.

One man who likely has all of the porn site subscriptions logged as businesses expenses (what a way to live) is Ameen. Here’s a heartwarming tweet for you to kickstart the week.

We round this one off with an interesting photo. There’s an awful lot to unpack here.

There you have it! Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too! You know you want to.


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