Shitcoin Newsletter #123 - Only Up Preferred

January 18, 2021
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Hi Shitcoiners,

Another spicy week in the world of crypto! People aren’t as funny during bear markets, so the newsletter team is very happy to see the tides have turned. Doesn’t it feel like you’ve entered a time vortex and gone back in time? Situations like the following two are so 2017.

A reminder to all of you noobs out there before we get stuck into this week’s content.

Have we reached the top? Are we just scarred from the last bear market? Influencers like these make us think this run will be short lived.

We will just leave this here too.

Michael watched with the rest of us as Bitcoin dropped $10k in a day. It was fucking nuts. He appeared a little humbled in a recent tweet. One Twitter user posted a super dope cloud image though in response.

Alex also had a bad day. We are happy to hear he took some time to rest. The ape’s need their #1 ape back at full strength for upcoming szns.

As you can imagine, Binance were pumped about the volatility.

Remember that loan that Peter McCormack took out to buy Bitcoin? Well it’s generating a pretty solid return already and he’s going to buy his Dad a Jaguar. Sick.

Here’s a cool piece of history for you. 12 years ago today Hal wrote a bit about where Bitcoin could end up. It’s funny to think where it’s gone in that time.

Wherever crypto ends up, it doesn’t matter, “it’s all about the journey” (and the gains).

With new all time highs comes hacker innovation. One individual/team are making you pay to get your dick out of a cage. This is some sadistic yet hilarious shit.

Speaking of keeping it in a cage, Louis may not be getting much action as he spams Tinder matches to save the market.

Meanwhile Cobie is losing his shit. This might be to do with all of the mETH shilling he’s doing.

Next up a couple of interesting pieces from the world of mining. Iran is blaming blackouts on Bitcoin.

Pakistan may face a similar fate.

To the shitcoins. XRP have downgraded their influencer marketing standards with the recent downturn.

And Dan has a new record as he leaves another project (EOS).

We round this one off with a special message from Eileen. If you’re annoyed about protecting your privacy, it’s probably best you avoid ordering a bunch of cocaine to your home address.

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