Shitcoin Newsletter #122 - The pump and the dump

January 11, 2021
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Are we early adopters? Likely. Are we degenerate gamblers? Yes. Definitely yes.

Your crypto bags have been on a rollercoaster this week. We will get to the euphoric posts later on but first the latest from the last 24 hours. Permabulls had a bad day at the office.

We can’t help but think that videos like this helped us pump all of the way up to $40k+.

How bullish are you? Do you think we’re going back up? Do you have the balls to buy the dips?

We all keep hearing talk of institutional money. Is it real?

Who gives a shit about what legacy banking considers institutions. It’s apparent we were getting it wrong. We are in fact the institutions now.

It’s time to fulfil your destiny. Be the Chad you were meant to be.

Anyway, as everyone was losing their shit as Bitcoin pumped and dumped, Some guy created some beef with Sam Twitter.

It escalated quite quickly.

CoinMamba ducked out as BTC drove the USD value of SOL down. Does this mean he won? Or did he pussy out?

With lots of crypto Twitter running to Sam’s defence in this confrontation, the following imagery feels very fitting.

People need heroes that don’t look like this after all.

To finish this one up here is one story that we hope is true.

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