Shitcoin Newsletter #121 - Are we all getting girlfriends?

January 4, 2021
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Yo Shitcoiners,

Have you been waking up lately in disbelief? We have too. 2021 is off to a pretty spicy start and we are not even out of the first week.

After years of sitting on magical internet money, it’s starting to pay off. Do you have an exit plan? We hope yours is option #4.

We get the impression that F2Pool are hodling a little BTC after reading this tweet.

Despite the mad gains there are some naysayers out there. Mostly cucks who don’t have any bags. First up, Matt.

We get the impression that Ray might have sold most of his bags too. That’s unfortunate.

We don’t understand why most people aren’t more like Alex Wice. All they have to do is lever up to 50x and they can make it all back. It’s pretty straightforward.

The Dog gets it.

This tweet made us think that Altcoin Psycho is probably not getting a girlfriend.

In other Bitcoin related news, Blockstream went and released an open source hardware wallet. Nice!

Now to move this newsletter on to ETH. Crypto #2 made it past $1,000.

Here is a how Vitalik has developed over the past couple of years.

Now to round up the first newsletter of 2021 here are some of our favourite crypto degenerates. Jmo is trying to be less degen.

Romano on the other hand is not.

And here is a glimpse into your future team. You got this.

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