Shitcoin Newsletter #120 - Keep the change, you filthy animal

December 29, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

We would start this with “happy holidays!” but it didn’t feel on brand. We aren’t lame. But to kick this one off here is Elon with a merry message.

And here is Paul’s Christmas tweet.

Oh, and to mix it up, here’s a pornstar being turned on by Ameen’s coding.

With all of the pumping going on, have you received any of these messages yet?

Let’s jump into some Bitcoin chit chat. Here is Max with an all time classic interview. If you have never seen this, check it out. It’s amazing.

Speaking of influencers, here is Brenna Sparks with a great piece of memorabilia.

There were a couple of big talking points last week, one was the aftermath of the Ledger leak. This database has been circulating the depths of the internet for quite a while, it just only got in the hands of the rest of us last week.

Regardless, Ledger literally pulled your pants down.

It’s a good job they have some new security packs for the Christmas season though!

It’s good to hear that other providers are doing their bit and keeping your data secure. Great job Coinkite.

We break up this onslaught of seriousness for some wholesome family content. Bryan Micon here with the goods.

Now back to our regular programming. News broke last week of an SEC charge for Christian and Brad.

It’s a far cry from that time they got creepy Bill to do a keynote.

Here is a meme to sum it up.

Oh and a must watch, Ripple-related video for you.

As we work our way through the newsletter, it was only a matter of time before we got a business section. This is it. The “Business Section”. Michael has been buying more Bitcoins.

It turns out he has bought quite a lot of them.

So many that MicroStrategy stock is starting to look like the Bitcoin chart.

The other entry to this week’s “Business Section” is from FTX. In a stroke of genius they have created Coinbase pre-IPO contracts.

Next up we have some miscellaneous reading for you. Justin finally got the makeover he’s always wanted.

Here are the two Pete’s with a new TV show launching sometime never.

And we leave you with this. Interesting.

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