Shitcoin Newsletter #119 - Bitcoiners, we did it.

December 19, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

So this week it finally happened. Almost three years after the last all-time high, we broke $20,000 USD per Bitcoin. As expected, some exceptional, celebratory tweets followed.

One wealthy tech executive decided to celebrate in a way that many Bitcoiners would approve of.

With all of the pumping, some revisited stories of heartbreak.

Meanwhile Dan Held and Raoul Pal have been going at it. Dan doesn’t like Raoul’s shitcoin shilling. Raoul thinks he’s better than Dan.

Speaking of Raoul, Saifedean (who also has his website in his Twitter name, weird), went in on him too. He got burned though. Spicy!

Here is a mural of the Winklevoss twins. On TikTok. Need we say more?

While on the topic of people who made big bets that paid off, MicroStrategy are getting in some debt to hopefully enjoy huge upside on Bitcoin. This is a great read.

It appears that Coinbase will soon be joining the public company ranks too as they prepare for their IPO.

Next up is Peter McCormack who last week did what the Twitter degenerates tell us all to do. He took out a loan and bought some Bitcoin.

He’s already doing well.

Now if you’re thinking this newsletter has been a lot of serious talk until now (minus Peter getting loans for Bitcoin), we are ready to change that. Let’s get to some disgusting, cryptocurrency imagery. Do you let friends cum in your shell?

Speaking of cum (not sure why this is a good segue), here is Carlos Matos.

Now that the bull is in full flow, Cobie has been shitposting us to new highs.

And taking us back to simpler times.

Here’s Romano with an important message.

To round this one off let’s get a little musical. In the depths of the crypto internet Andreas found something odd. It appears that Bitfinex are getting into the music game. Check out This confusing. and festive. Here’s a rendition of Silent Night featuring some of your Bitcoin favourites!

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