Shitcoin Newsletter #118 - How is APE SZN treating you?

December 11, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

This week we have Bitcoin apes, “influencers” who think Ethereum will overtake BTC and one girl who talks about this thing called Rapple on TikTok. You are in for a wild ride.

First up, here is our favourite APE Alex Wice. We love his obsession with all-caps, bad spelling and hefty trades. We think we will have to pick up some of his APE SZN merchandise when it drops too.

Speaking of Bitcoin, Saylor is spurting out some wholesome content. We’ve got to be honest, while true in parts, this bullshit is a little sappy.

At least the memes are good.

Is Saylor “Mr Bitcoin”? Our crystal balls says definitely not. However, Neeraj has a hot scoop on where we can find the guy behind it. We imagine the Feds will be hot on this guys tail.

Meanwhile Mike is wondering how the fuck is still raking in the downloads. That domain must be getting a truckload of traffic again as everyone tries to put things on the blockchain™.

Guys, we don’t do financial advice but it seems The Wall Street Journal has an investment that you need to get all over.

Here’s Shillbert with Peter Schiff’s worse nightmare coming true.

Now to another rivalry, albeit one within the crypto-sphere. Raoul Pal was spurting big claims in a recent interview. Bitcoin Meme Hub delivered a swift rebuttal.

Speaking of memes, here’s a piece of art from our friends at Is this a glimpse into the future?

If there’s one thing this next tweet tells you, it’s that you shouldn’t fuck with Cindy. If you do there’s only one place you’re heading.

To another favourite. Our Director of Autistic Communications Bryan Micon had an important announcement.

Oh Ripple. The terrible takes are only picking up once again, this must mean the bull is back. We too are left wondering what the hell Rapple is. It sounds like a new type of fruit.

Here is another great thread from Eric. If you are interested in learning what blockchain conferences are like in 2020 this one is for you.

SPOILER: they are cringey.

To round this one off we have a couple of great pieces of imagery. Penultimately, here is a photo from a guy’s birthday party.

And finally, this is how cryptocurrencies work.

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