Shitcoin Newsletter #114 - Go big or go home, kids

November 13, 2020
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Hi Shitcoiners,

All of this market action is really bringing out the degenerate in us. This is what we live for baby. As the election debacle drags on, is it now time to convert your politics backed coins to the real shit?

The Winklevoss twins definitely think so. They are on track to become billionaires once again.

Michael Saylor is another big bag holder. Microstrategy, where Michael is the CEO, are raking in the moolah. In all honesty I wasn’t sure what they did, but now it seems irrelevant. They are degens, sorry, we mean “investors” with the rest of us.

Bitcoin is even doing better than PutinCoin!

On the topic of Bitcoin, it appears that Lightning are actually making some progress. Is it 18 months too late though?

Regardless, all of that is not going to convert Tim anytime soon.

To Silk Road Bitcoins. News surfaced last week of a $1B seizure. How is that even possible? Well, the facts are slowly emerging.

Eileen wrote the book and she, like us, is thinking HOLY SHIT.

With the Bitcoin Cash hard fork coming up on November 15th ABC announced an non-IFP version of their implementation.

Meanwhile, the AI enabled Bitcoin Cash Node with a spicy promotional video.

If all of that means nothing to you then here is some other nonsense that will also mean nothing to you. In the end it all comes down to tokenizing your cum.

Next up, philosophy with Jesse.

And another conundrum for you to ponder.

We wrap this one up with a reminder from Alex Wice. Go big or go home, kids.

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