Shitcoin Newsletter #113 - Crypto naysayers, begone!

November 6, 2020
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Happy Friday Shitcoiners,

The time many of you have been waiting for has finally come. Bitcoin is making moves. With new highs for 2020 clocking in the spicy content is back again. Let’s get stuck into this one and get you up to date on the latest shenanigans and the spicy memes. First up let’s divert your attention to the memes. Lil bubble dropped a new track.

And the master himself, Bizonacci, has made a return.

Unless you have been living under rock you will have noticed the world was balls deep in the US election. Sam asked who would be better for Bitcoin.

It’s safe to say we know where his vote went…

There was some great shilling from Sam who chose to throw in the domain name when backing Biden, even though he made the donation via Alameda. Nice!

Bitlord, who was speaking of sizeable bets on Trump last week was pissed.

Regardless, some good came out of the elections as we are infiltrating US politics.

Now to other Bitcoin news. Iran are getting tough on Iranian bitcoin miners.

It appears that they too are tired of all the random paper.

Meanwhile Justin Sun is not letting Tron token holders incur losses. Tron are recognising the locked on OKEx tokens 1:1. Does Justin know something we don’t?

On the topic of giving, Brad Mills did his bit over Halloween and got the next generation into the Satoshis.

Now to a spicy dark web piece. This Bitcoin wallet has been going around hacker circles with many trying to crack the password. Queue the conspiracy theories.

And blimey, they did it.

Speaking of moving coins, almost 70,000 Bitcoins linked to the Silk Road moved for the first time in a while. Commentators speculated on who had control of the coins.

However on Thursday there was a plot twist. A US attorney confirmed that the Bitcoins were seized from an individual in the US on November 3rd, after they used blockchain analysis software to trace the physical address of the person involved. Full story below.

It’s all getting a little bit spicy isn’t it? We can wait to see what happens next week. To round this one off here’s a shot of Ameen who is getting ready for lift off. Rightly so, Andreas approved.

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