Shitcoin Newsletter #111 - BULL BULL BULL

October 16, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Another week, another onslaught of exceptional crypto content, video memes and shilling. After MicroStrategy Inc. got their hands on 38,250 BTC recently, Michael Saylor has been getting a lot of attention. So much so that one up-and-coming “influencer” wrote a rap video about him.

If you’re looking for something a little more down a dirty then check out this version instead.

As one could expect, responded in the only way it knows how.

Now to some price talk. As the Uniswap scams rose and fell, BTC appeared to remain pretty steady in recent weeks. Last week saw it rise a few percent, the Bitcoin bulls celebrated.

In another bullish move, it appears that the Gigafactory has a Bitcoin ATM!

One of the guys from LibertyX, the company behind the ATM confirmed this was true in the thread.

If getting down with the technology is your thing, why don’t you grab yourself a Blockstream Satellite Pro Kit?

Now to some spice. Amir had some choice words about SpankChain after Ameen spoke of Ethereum gentrification due to fees.

Ameen bit back.

Now to BitMEX news. As the legal case against them gradually unfolds, it appears there is plenty of creativity from those against them. They’ve even brought Tone Vays into it.

Speaking of regulators, the CFTC Chairman was talking about how impressed he was with Ethereum. We wonder if he’ll feel the same if decentralized futures on Ethereum take off one day...

We round this one off with some thought provoking shit.

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