Shitcoin Newsletter #108 - Hackers, Chads & Collectibles

September 28, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

Are we in a bull market? Preparing for one? Or is it all going to zero? We wish we had the answers but it doesn’t matter anyway. Right now the only priority is finding great projects to ape into and go full degen on. We feel so alive. We like to think that the resurgence of hockey sticks means the bull is back.

Let’s dive in. This week’s big news came from Kucoin. The occasionally popular crypto exchange were hacked and saw $150m of funds removed.

A day later the hacker began to swap those newly acquired shitcoins for ETH.

However, those in the DeFi world are calling him a noob.

While this was going down the NFT boom is going strong. Digital collectibles via platforms like Rarible are on the rise.

Peter however is not impressed.

Will the rug pull card be played?

Speaking of amazing art work we would like to divert your attention to This meme project has been gathering speed. They have even announced Chadswap! We suggest you click play on the top left and let this lyrical masterpiece soothe your soul.

Cam got in on the Chad action by submitting Brotalik to their Chads of DeFi competition.

With memes in mind Pomp needs to learn that although memes can be turned into NFTs and sold, paying for meme tweets is a little weird. Shameless.

Meanwhile this weekend saw the AIs of creating impromptu dance parties at Magical Crypto Conference. Andreas had a talk too, which we will share as soon as it’s live.

To BSV. Max, who was in attendance at MCCVR is expecting the BCH fork to drop another 90% against BTC.

Here’s BSV developer Shadders speaking about the word “nigh”. When people use it they are usually an active member of the larping community.

Is Ryan role playing as an employee at the post office?

Here’s an interesting question for you. Where does your crypto go when you cash it out? Jerome makes a valid point. To avoid paying taxes you have to be fast, nimble and chad-like. Good running shoes are required.

We round this one off with a couple of exceptional visuals. First up this bit of comedy gold.

And surprise, surprise motherfucker.

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Till next time,


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