Shitcoin Newsletter #107 - The Uniswap "Stimulus Check"

September 19, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Hate it or love it, DeFi is not slowing down. This money printing train is actually picking up speed. Choo choo motherfuckers!

If you weren’t sold before, does a “stimulus airdrop” from Uniswap change your mind? At the time of writing the 400 UNI airdropped to any wallet that even attempted to use Uniswap is worth a few thousand USD. Not bad for doing nothing.

Some people did very pretty well out of it.

As you can expect this was the hot topic in crypto last week. The community had some spicy ideas, comments and memes.

Exchanges got all over this. It appears there is some rivalry between FTX and Binance on who can list these new DeFi tokens first. We believe in you, Sam! got in on the action with a spicy promotional video to boot.

And just like that, memories were erased.

Who cares if rugs were pulled and anon project founders ran away with tens of millions? No biggie.

Fluffy was trying his best to get in with the DeFi crowd. Check out that beautiful cutlery!

In other funny non-Ethereum DeFi news one of the first projects “whitelisted” by TRON has exit scammed. It appears TRON are going for the YOLO over due diligence approach.

Despite the TRON attitude to backing projects, Udi is not impressed with Justin. He’s exploring CeFi with CZ instead.

If you are interested in hearing some chit-chat about the future of Ethereum, you should get a ticket Magical Crypto Conference VR! Andreas will be doing a panel. You can also visit our AI friends on their island as they are sponsoring the event.

Now to BTC news. Check out the latest IRL advertisement in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile shit’s getting serious as Kraken are forming a bank in Wyoming!

Great timing as the traditional banks are facing some tough times…

Now we round this off with two of our favourites. First up Crypto Bitlord interviewed his mate who 10x’d money he got by maxing out his credit card.

And Roger does not condone procreating with overly fertile men.

That's the wrap. Follow Andreas on Twitter and stay up to date with us @Shitcoindotcom too! You know you want to.

Enjoy the free UNI.


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