Shitcoin Newsletter #105 - Sushi, Chads and Hoes

September 4, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

DeFi foods, Chad Sam, rich hoes of the future and everything in between, we hope you’re ready for one of the most action packed newsletters we’ve had in a while. Let’s go!

Unless you were totally disconnected from reality this week, you will have seen a large portion of crypto talking about a new DeFi delicacy, Sushi.

Heading up by Chef Nomi, here’s a brief overview of SushiSwap:

“We have designed SushiSwap as the next step forward in the Uniswap protocol design: an evolution. Taking Uniswap’s elegant core design, we’ve added community-oriented features that we believe help improve the design of the protocol, as well as provide further benefits to the actors involved.”

Nomi also made it clear that SushiSwap had gone through a full audit with no issues.

Here are some interesting stats for you.

Even with all the uncertainty surrounding SushiSwap, at least the coin will always have some value after this boo-boo from

Meanwhile, Chad Sam (more on that later) is trying to get in on the action.

He also created another exceptional thread for you to read through.

The most exciting point being that big liquidity is coming to Project Serum…

You know what launched right? Oh yeah, pretty spicy.

We will just leave this here.

Anyway, if you were wondering why we mentioned Chad Sam. Well, here you go.

Arthur approved. He also enjoyed this next meme announcing YFI being live on

With all of these DeFi gains, who’s in?

Let’s make Brenna a rich hoe.

Meanwhile Bitcoin shills have been busy. Here are several tweets that may make you bullish on BTC.

Occurrences like this may make you not so bullish.

Despite some of the imperfections this seems like a good time to remember Hal Finney and his contributions to what we have today. It’s come a long way.

Meanwhile in BCH world, Roger likened Amaury to a Soviet.

And then announced that ABC were forking away from Bitcoin Cash.

Amaury retweeted this.

Now we round this one off in the only way we know how. To the memes.

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