Shitcoin Newsletter #103 - Yearn-ing for gains

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Hey Shitcoiners,

Another week, another DeFi shitshow. After all of the Yam’s farmed went rotten, would this week be better? Let’s find out! This newsletter has a few pumps, a few exit scams and Brenna Sparks’ breasts.

First up, here’s BitMEX head honcho, Arthur Hayes seeking some investment advice.

It seems that one our favourite crypto personalities got in on it all pretty early. Brenna’s NSFW account was posting about too, nice!

This was before Brenna’s coin of the week went up another $6,000. It doubled in less than 10 days and took over from BTC as the most expensive cryptocurrency available (that’s not some weird limited edition token with a total supply of three).

We should never have doubted you Arthur.

While we’re at it, what the hell is Spaghetti Money and where do I farm it?

We must take a moment to remember the victims of this DeFi pump. How is Romano going to explain all of this complicated shit to the strippers?

Supposedly though this whole thing doesn’t scale anyway says Joseph Lubin.

Now to some real talk. You may or may not have seen Dave Portnoy pumping his bags. Well Cobie had a promising trading strategy for you to take a look at.

Now to Adam Back. He asked us all to think.

Meanwhile one of the Winklevoss twins is talking about the romance he had with Bitcoin in Ibiza. We thought Ibiza was all about partying and debauchery? It’s not?

It’s lucky Cameron found something/someone to love. The rest of us are screwed.

Now to news from our sponsor, They “got in on the deal” and listed Serum. As says, good job! The video on this is definitely worth a watch, Romano approves.

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See you next time,


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