Shitcoin Newsletter #101 - Let us influence you

August 7, 2020
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Hey Shitcoiners,

Welcome back to the dankest newsletter on the interwebs. This week we have influencers influencing, hackers doing their thing and a few tidbits of spicy gossip.

First though, let us turn your attention to John McAfee. He’s praying to a statue so he can have a bigger penis.

Now to Pomp! He sat down with a previous guest on Shitcoin TV, Roger Ver. As with anything Roger does, some in the space scream for his exclusion. It’s good to see Pomp not bowing down to external pressure on this one.

Speaking of influencers, Dave Portnoy is starting to deep-dive into the world of Bitcoin.

The timing seems good because as you can see the world is melting down around us. Send help!

That’s not to say things are always so rosey inside the Bitcoin ecosystem either. This place is a bloodbath. Olivier has mentioned how he may do things differently going forward.

But whatever you think you’re going to do guys, just remember, even in a bullrun you need those eight hours.

Now to Bitcoin Cash. After a boatload of disagreements about the direction of the protocol, Haipo Yang, CEO of ViaBTC is considering forking BCH. Daniel responded as only he would.

Speaking of forks, Bitmain employees nailed it.

Meanwhile Peter McCormack has been ordered by a UK court to pay Craig $18,500. A small win there. We always seem to read about CSW owing money to everyone else!

In an interesting revived story last week, Bitfinex are offering a 25-30% cut to the hackers behind the 2016 $1.3 billion hack. Spicy.

Speaking of stealing Bitcoins, CWT were hit with some ransomware and dropped their pants.

We round this one off with a signal from Mike In Space. Mike, should we send help?

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See you next time,


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