Shitcoin Newsletter #100 - Our favourite crypto personalities (+ spicy memes)

July 31, 2020
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Yo Shitcoiners,

Welcome to newsletter #100! In the ninety nine newsletters that came before we have experienced bear markets, bull runs and memes that exceeded our wildest dreams. It’s been a journey.

As we reach the century we thought it was only fitting to highlight some of our favourite personalities from the newsletter so far. In no particular order, let’s do this.

Crypto Bitlord

The man, the myth, the legend. Crypto Bitlord has delighted us on multiple occasions with his enthusiastic livestreams and bullish chit-chat.

Mike In Space

The king of satire, Mike has been a regular feature in the newsletter so far. From his Daily Mempool Report to his riveting Twitter content. His spicy memes are not be missed.

Luke Dashjr

Luke, Luke, Luke. We were said to hear that he had moved his Twitter antics to Mastedon (which when we Googled it ironically gave results of a Christian rock band). Any man with “*the pedos who took over Vatican City are NOT Catholic” in his Twitter bio is a worthy follow. We love you, Luke.

Craig Wright

We choose not to have an opinion on Craig (don’t sue us) but that hasn’t stopped us posting many of his antics in the newsletter. It’s always second hand as he only hangs out in his own chats these days, but it’s exceptional.

Arthur Hayes

He isn’t the biggest engager on Twitter, but his profile is popping, just like the bottles he tells us about in the club.


How could we not include the man that ate ass for us? Romano has contributed plenty to the newsletter to date. We only hope he keeps the explicit content rolling in.

Now to some news from this week. Unless you have been living under a rock then you will know that Bitcoin (and most other coins) are pumping! It’s been a good week for all of you who stuck around.

And for those of you who are new here, it’s time for us to share what some consider important information.

Any Americans in the house? If you got that stimulus check then here’s a handy Twitter account to tell you how much your $1,200 is worth in Bitcoin.

Now to Bitlord. This week he’s about to jump in some shark infested waters. And before you ask, we’re talking about the ocean not some crappy blockchain conference.

To the memes! Last week saw the rise of the new “I have a joke trend”. Here are some of our crypto favourites.

Meanwhile Austin doesn’t speak British English...

In other news, FTX announced they were giving away a cybertruck. Memes ensued.

And to round this one off, don’t be like these guys.

Shitcoiners, thank you again for your support so far. The next one hundred are set to be even spicier.

Enjoy the bull,


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